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Brand New ‘Robot Girls Z’ Anime Has Been Officially Green-lit for 2015

The Hergula: At the Robot Girls Z Christmas Eve Special, a live stream by the cast and staff of the Robot Girls Z anime, it was announced that a new anime is in the works. The title was also revealed, likely to change, Robot Girls Z+, which is currently expected to be released before summer in 2015.

While we don’t know much about the new anime, we can expect to see the creators of the anime television series to return. Meaning that the director Hiroshi Ikehata and writer Kazuho Hyodo are likely to return for the recently revealed anime project. Toei Animation will obviously be the studio to produce the show, as it is their baby, yet it would be great to see some new influence for the upcoming Robot Girls Z+ anime.

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Kingoftherodeo2572d ago

why would they do this. this should be a sin creating some crap out of legendary anime robots