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Top Ten Anime of 2014

Running down Wrong Every Time's top ten anime of the year, including both critical darlings and weird shows about witches and world conquest. 2014 was a shaky year, but we can at least put together a handful of shows to be sorta proud of.

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Bobduh1413d ago

2014 was definitely a weaker year in anime, but I'm pretty happy with at least the top 7 or so here. Making good cartoons is hard.

NickTheHitman1413d ago

Stopped reading when i saw Witch Craft Works at number 10. There is no way that should even be up there.

gustave1541413d ago

no UBW? guess it hasn't ended yet.

s45gr321413d ago

No SAO Season 2 or ace of diamond for shame

TXIDarkAvenger1412d ago

Wow I actually watched none of those and I picked up a good portion of anime each season this year.