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Scarlett Johansson To Play Makoto Kusanagi In Live-Action "Ghost In The Shell" Film

Frank Inglese at SnapThirty writes:

The gorgeous Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to playing kick-arse femme fatales and she’s definitely no stranger to performing in some of modern history’s most exciting science-fiction films so it only makes sense that she’d sign on to play Miss Motoko Kusanagi for the live-action film adaptation of the much-loved franchise “Ghost In The Shell”...

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Amuro2573d ago

why why why! She can't act for sht.

zeal0us2572d ago

because hollywood like whitewashing

TheHergulaX2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

So SnapThirty got a scoop on the ScarJo story? That's quite a great thing if that would be somehow confirmed, or does the story actually have a source?

The article makes it seem as if they got the exclusive story to it, which I doubt, as it is an exclusive:

So you either saw the story online, copied the story without giving a source, which you can get into legal trouble with, or simply had an inside scoop. Interesting to find out which one is it.

Filmwatch: Using the correct source:

F-Inglese-942571d ago

Yeah, sorry dood, I never really mentioned we got the scoop nor did I imply that we did. I apologise if it upset you for some reason.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2572d ago

I'd be kool with it. I'm not rlly concerned cause I never really got into Ghost in the Shell. But I love ScarJo.

cemelc2572d ago

This has written fail all over the place.