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Pony Canyon Sets ‘Denki-Gai’ & ‘Yuki Yuna Is A Hero’ Anime Release Schedule

The arrival of Pony Canyon as a US distributor has had fans uncertain of how it would play out when it came to which shows they’d pick to release themselves, the schedule and the price point. This weekend has seen the start of the announcements towards releases with first volumes showing up for Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Denki-Gai, both of which were part of the fall 2014 anime schedule. While the releases are definitely more in the Japanese frame of mind, including noting that the “North American Blu-ray Discs are being produced by the same staff as the Japanese versions and developed in-house, guaranteeing quality entertainment releases,” we’re seeing more familiar Japanese price points and no dubs, which is unfortunate. And for a market that has settled largely on season sets, it’s hard to say whether fans will flock to it by getting it faster as opposed to the year+ wait we’d usually see.

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