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Shirobako Episode #14 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Before you can see cute girls flying around in combat aircraft, you first need to decide who is going to provide their voices. It’s not as simple a process as you might think.

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Episode 14: “The Ruthless Audition Meeting!”

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If there is one part of the production process that is something of a “black box” for many anime fans, it is the role that the production committee plays in the creation of anime. For the previous show which Musashino Animation worked on, we never saw the planning stages of the work and thus do not know what role the actual companies who funded the project played in shaping Exodus (one fact that often flies over the heads of new fans and less-informed longer-term fans is that animation production studios in general do not provide the working capital for a project. They are commissioned to produce the work for someone else, generally a group of companies that join together to make money off of creating an anime).

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