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Ten Years Later: Ah! My Goddess TV Anime Series

Life is not fair. This is not the lesson of this show, it is the starting point. Based on Kousuke Fujishima’s (very) long running manga, which just recently ended last year at 48 collected volumes, we first meet Keiichi Morisato, a down on his luck college student who is not having the best day of his life. Of course, this could describe every day for young Morisato, who appears to be living under a star of misfortune (literally, so we are told). The Powers That Be, however, like Keiichi, since he is the kind of well-meaning, kind, and gentle loser who embodies many of the virtues and values that society at large pays great lip-service to, even if in reality most people pay them little heed: humility, kindness, caring for others…you know, the things that don’t bring in money. And in what can only be a fantasy (since in real life, most of the time nice guys do indeed finish last), the Powers That Be decide that some corrective measure needs to be made.

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