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Winter 2015, Week 2: Highlights of the Week

Is this the second week or the third of the season? Does anyone really know? Does it really matter?

What's clear is that we've got a lot of great shows this season, despite the fact that winter is traditionally one of the weaker seasons of the year. This week, Shirobako, Death Parade, Durarara!! x2, Your Lie in April, Akatsuki no Yona, and The Rolling Girls hold up the top end of the season's quality.

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iblessall2506d ago

But for real, can someone help me figure out which week of the season we're in?

Kluv2506d ago

Well, all the anime this season started a week late I think. Saturday and Sunday used to mark the beginning of their respective week last season, and now they kind of mark the end. So I'd say once it hits sunday, the 25th, that's the end of week 3. a blogger I'd probably write my week 3 review Sunday night.