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The Absence of the Church of Heaven: Junketsu no Maria and Catholicism

Junketsu no Maria (Maria the Virgin Witch) has a lot going for it—cute character designs, a likable core cast, a childish sense of sex humor sometimes induces somewhat embarrassing laughs—but it's also a show set against the backdrop of one of Europe's most turbulent historical times. In this time, the Catholic Church was a major political and religious force in Europe.

How does Junketsu no Maria portray the Catholic Church and what are the implications of its use of this particular historical setting? Are the portrayals accurate? If not, what does that mean for the show? As a practicing Catholic, iblessall of Mage in a Barrel offers his perspective.

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iblessall2507d ago

It's a longer editorial, but the perspective is one attempting to be thoughtful, rather than zealous. It's certainly somewhat reactionary in nature, but only insofar as it responds to the show and attempts to make sense of the way I thought out about and experienced the show.

Killa782507d ago

Did you write this article?

I think it's very well written but perhaps you could've delved into the defence of Catholicism abit more. Especially since I believe this abuse of the religion has come about from ignorance.

I haven't watched the anime (the name put me off) but Shingeki no Bahamut also attempted to play on this idea of a Church. In fact their understanding of God's and Angels was pretty perverse.

Personally I think it is down to ignorance, and a furtherance of an irreligious society. Catholicism seems to be the easy target since it has dropped so far from its once esteemed position. I don't agree with the right to offend, so I understand your point of view. Whilst its not your fault that misconceptions are being spread about your religion, perhaps you could expand abit on the inconsistencies.

iblessall2507d ago

Yup, I'm the author!

You're definitely right that I could have delved in more deeply, but the post is almost 2.5k words as is and I wanted to keep it focused more on the show and the problems I had with the misrepresentation.

I think I addressed the basic issues, but there were certainly a lot of smaller details that I didn't talk about and that I had to ask the reader to trust me on—an unfortunate limitation of the form.

It's all about ignorance from my POV, so I tried to at least make the ignorance clear, even if I couldn't actually address every single issue (there are a lot!).

Killa782505d ago

*bumped since I'm not sure how to reply to the comment below*

Killa782506d ago

I guess, perhaps a part two would be beneficial? I only say so because you hinted at common philosophical misconceptions that affect followers quite often. It also clears alot up for those who ask such questions and believe in them.

Aha, yeah. I can imagine the annoyance at watching something which you deem offensive and blatantly incorrect, only to realise it's exposure will be far greater than the actual truth.

Did you watch Shingeki no Bahamut? Because I'd like to know your opinion on that portrayal of God's, Angels and the Church/King.

iblessall2504d ago

I guess that wouldn't be a bad idea!

Dealing with all the (good and positive!) discussion on this post has been quite exhausting though, and my main point was just to make sure people understood there was misrepresentation occurring. It definitely would be good to expand on things a little more, but I'm not sure I have the drive to write it. ^_^"

& I dropped Bahamut close to the end of the show because I got bored, but I didn't really have a problem with anything that was going on there—mostly due to the fact that it was an alternate world and not set in a real historical time period.