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Yatterman Night Episode #03 Anime Review | Fandom Post

And so the sad legend of the Doronbow truly begins.
What They Say:
Long ago there was a war between the heroes, the Yattermen and the group of thieves known as the Doronbo gang. The Yattermen triumphed and created the peaceful Yatter Kingdom while the Doronbo were exiled into the dregs of the world. Generations later a girl named Leopard, who is descended from the Doronbo decides to journey to the Yatter Kingdom in order to save her mother but soon realizes that the Yattermen aren’t as heroic as the legends claimed. Devastated by her mother’s death she vows to take down the Yattermen with the help of her two servants and they reform the Doronbo gang.

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Fonzy2557d ago

I remember Yatterman from back in the day! I...actually hope that does show my age?! LOL!