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Onimonogatari - Review (DVD/Blu-Ray Combo) [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

The “Monogatari” series and I have an odd and ever-changing relationship. If you’ve read my reviews of previous “Monogatari” releases you’d know this very well because I usually always clarify that this Anime is one of my favorites but also one of my most hated and it only ever works to tear me up inside.

Fortunately for me the inner conflict hurts so good that I continue to come back for more. The in-depth supernatural elements are what keep me hooked to the series but it’s protagonist Koyomi Araragi’s dry sense of humour and inflated “Lolita Complex” that force me to walk away from the screen in shame.

While my views on the main character or constantly shifting, there’s one member of the main character cast I always delight in seeing and she just so happens to be the main focus of “Onimonogatari”…or so we think. Thanks, once again, goes to Hanabee Entertainment for providing this review copy and for fuelling an addiction that has only ever worked to well up a chiaroscuro mix of emotions. Hah! Who am I kidding? I love it!

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