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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? - Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

A little Anime titled “The Eccentric Family” taught audiences that what is fun is good but sometimes life just has a way of getting you down. Routine can be boring and boredom can lead to an odd but very real sadness. Doing the same things day in and day out eventually develops into a sort of perpetual monotony that can only be broken and reformed by a massive change of pace.

Some people quit their jobs and get new ones, others do their best to change their overall mentality, some rearrange furniture and others go to lengths even greater than what I’ve just detailed. How is it that we get into these “ruts”? I believe it’s because being comfortable is more of a trap than anything else. Once you get comfortable you begin not to venture out of that zone and eventually become stuck.

For the main trio of “Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?” it takes the literal changing of worlds for them to reach a place in their life where they can actually enjoy themselves once again. Thankfully for us regular human beings…we don’t have to go that far, but it’s still fun seeing someone do so!

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