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Ten Count & The Rule Of Sensuality.

If you´re even somewhat interested in the yaoi or shonen ai universe, I know you know about Ten Count, wheter you´ve read it or heard of it, most people will recognize this crazy popular manga about a Mysophobic, somewhat tragic boy named Shirotani and Kurose, a psychiatrist that´s set on helping Shirotani, making him write a countdown of the ten things he´s most afraid of to then confront them one by one.

Written and illustrated by the infamous writer of Seven Days and Hana No Mizu Shiro, Takarai Rihito has made a fantastic comeback with yet another touching, peaceful and sensual series that´s currently counting (ha.) 18 chapters of sex and germs. I´m sure this is not the best way to market the series, but hey, I ain´t lying.

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