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Valentines! 10 Male Characters in Anime to Make Chocolate for

Mid February is the season of love. You could almost taste the sweetness of chocolate in the air and feel the chemistry emitting among couples crowding the streets.

And, for us anime maniacs, there is always this thought lingering in our minds: only if we are able to give the chocolate that we’ve made, to the anime characters we so deeply love.

This is probably not going to happen anytime soon though (due to my faith in the advancement of technology, I believe the day when we are able to interact with anime/manga/comic characters will come. Hopefully I will be able to see this in my lifetime).
However, in light of future technological advancement, I’ll have my list compiled, just in case.

So here are the 10 characters to whom I would so love to give my chocolate of love~!

1. Madao (Gintama) [a Hershey’s bar]
2. Nagisa Hazuki (Free!) [strawberry chocolate cake (10 inch whole cake)]
3. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist) [bitter sweet chocolate truffles with rum filling]...

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