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Top 3 Thriller Anime for Beginner’s Guide [Recommendations]

We are getting very close to the completion of our Beginner’s Guide to Anime. After this week’s article we’ll have one more. Then you’ll have a comprehensive guide to get you started on anime.

Today’s list is all about the thriller genre. Thriller stories usually revolve around drastic events changing people’s perspective on life. They take a new approach on the world and usually choose a more active role than their previous spectator position.

Complexity may be the most important detail when it comes to thrilling stories. It creates tension. A maze or a minefield of challenges creates a puzzle for the main character to solve. But, the key is to create a complex atmosphere that doesn’t lose the audience.
You want them to stay engaged with questions and clues. And these three recommendations below excel in that area.

[ 1. Death Note ]
[ 2. Terror in Resonance ]
[ 3. Steins;Gate ]

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