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Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart - Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

Anyone that’s ever touched a video game controller will know that the industry behind their favorite titles is one that is, for lack of a better term…cut-throat. Studios rise and fall each day, games get made, games get cancelled, games get good reviews and games get bad reviews. Some companies can gain high levels of popularity with one good title, others take years to attain even half of that fame. There are series’ that, while stale and now mostly unenjoyable, still stand tall at the very top of most “best seller” charts.

The men and women behind the scenes are ruthless and will do most anything to have their game be received the best…sometimes that has nothing to do with actually making the game good. Money is made, money is lost and money is thrown around like it grows on trees. Look…what I’m getting at is that the video game industry is just as intense as the bosses featured in those games and it seems as though the only series OF video games that has perfectly captured the essence of the industry is that of “Hyperdimension Neptunia”; a line of action/RPG titles developed to closely mirror the reality that is the video game industry.

For most of the series, the story usually follows the titular character Neptunia, but this time around the tides have changed and we’re to now follow a NEW main character. As the first tactical role-playing game in the “Hyperdimension” series which also happens to feature a new protagonist, “Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart” splits off from the main series but does it do as well as it’s predecessors? That’s something I’m going to try and figure out.

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