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Gundam Build Fighters Try Episode #20 Anime Review | Fandom Post

It’s good v. evil!

What They Say:
“Unbreakable Heart”

In the quarterfinals of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship, the showdown between Sekai Kamiki and Junya Inose, who are both students of the Jigen Haoh school of kenpo, has reached ferocious heights. To break the stalemate, Sekai activates the Burning Burst, but Junya activates his own Burning Burst as well. Even the original Gunpla technique that Sekai created is completely overcome. As he faces Junya, who is obsessed with the ultimate strength and seeks the extremes of strength to satisfy his own desires, Sekai continues to pursue his own kind of strength with a pure and earnest will. Putting their respective beliefs and feelings into their fists, the two combatants clash on. Sekai is hard-pressed by their difference in experience, and by Junya’s unfair attacks. But just as his consciousness fades due to the painful backlash of assimilation, Sekai is guided by a miraculous radiance.

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