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The Coolest Women in Anime, According to Fans

Do you have a favorite female character in anime? Maybe you'll find her in the results of this Japanese poll. Maybe not!

The Japanese website Charapedia recently published the results of its questionnaire that asked ten thousand anime fans which woman in anime they thought was cool. This wasn't a poll for cutesy anime characters! But rather, for strong, powerful women in anime.

Out of those polled, 51 percent of the participants were women and 49 percent were men. A whopping 74.7 percent were in their teens and 20s, while the rest were age 30 and up.

Click read full story to see the top twenty choices with the number of votes, or click through through to the original Japanese source through the alternative link below.

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honeys-anime2510d ago

The Pyscho-pass movie showed Akane Tsunemori more cool. She looks reliable as much as Kougami.

TXIDarkAvenger2510d ago

Surprised, no Kurisu from Steins;Gate