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Top 5 Romance Anime Movies for Lovers

This time I want to tell you about a few movies you may not have heard about that are both great to watch for him and her (even couples!).
From the pure romantic films to romance being a back story, these are movies fit to watch at night, with or without an SO! There may be some minor spoilers if you don’t want to know anything about the films, you may just want to skim over the titles!

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Fonzy2463d ago

This is awesome! I actually think my girl would love to watch these!

Yi-Long2462d ago

Voices of a Distant star is an impressive short about 2 young lovers, broken apart by career-choices and time.

honeys-anime2462d ago

Yes... "Voices of a Distant star" is also good as "Centimeters Per Second", the same director Makoto Shinkai.
His way of drawing cloud and sky is breathtakingly beautiful...

Fonzy2459d ago

Yes! We have seen that many, many years ago! It was pretty sad and heart breaking. :(