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New 'Dragon Ball Z' Movie Revives Most Evil Person Ever, Also They Are Gold Now

Luke Halliday writes:

"That’s right Dragon Ball maniacs, the Z Fighters are back in action with the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F (the F referring to Frieza, not to be confused with my younger, stronger, cooler and better Dragon Ball Xenoverse character FROZED). This movie is particularly of note due to the fact that the most evil villain ever in Dragon Ball is revived by the Dragon Balls but this time isn’t even Frieza’s final form. In fact, Frieza got gold now."

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Cronoa7x2509d ago

How the hell did this get approved when it's a duplicate lol

zeal0us2509d ago

Most Evil Person Ever

so..... kid buu?

F-Inglese-942508d ago

Kid Buu is just a kid! He doesn't know any better! :D

masterfox2508d ago

damn you Toriyama can you create a total new cool enemy ? stop recycling!, still I will see this cause I'm DBZ fan.

Kagune2508d ago

I agree...
At least, I want him to design like Cooler in the Movie