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Akame ga Kill Review & Characters – Fighting Against Corruption | Honey's Anime

* Akame ga Kill Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)
* What is Akame ga Kill Like? This anime is for people like what?
* What’s so appealing about this piece of work.

* Review points!
1. Corruption
2. Weapons
3. Death

Tatsumi has ambitions of succeeding in life in order to provide for his starving village. He and two friends from the village set out to the Capital to do just that. After being separated along the way, Tatsumi finds out the Capital isn’t as glorious as people make it to be. He quickly sees the corruption that exists in the city and becomes victim of said corruption.

Not only, he finds out his friends weren’t so lucky as they were killed by those who influence corruption. An Assassination group seeks atonement for the corrupt and recruit Tatsumi in the process. This begins the adventure of fighting against corruption and avenging those who have suffered.

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Kagune1781d ago

Good point of view!
And, I want to read about Esdese a little more.

honeys-anime1780d ago

thank you.
I would write Akame ga Kill! cosplay article, with many Esdeath cosplay pics, so I want you to enjoy it!

paradigmfellow1781d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

The manga is better. I hated how the anime ended.

honeys-anime1780d ago

I know how you feel.
However I like anime ending too. So many characters died, but the each scene of their last is drawn well, I think.