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JoJo's Araki Tells Manga Production Secrets in New Book

Shueisha will publish a how-to manga guide by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure author Hirohiko Araki in Japan on April 17. The "Araki Hirohiko no Manga Jutsu" (Hirohiko Araki's Manga Technique) book will feature Araki's techniques for drawing manga and his trade secrets. Araki has said before that manga is the "strongest work of art," and his new book will provide concrete explanations on his methodology while also giving advice such as to study the story creation process of Ernest Hemingway.

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MooseyXTC2322d ago

Man I love Araki, and I love JoJo'sBA, but to say that Manga is the strongest form of art is idiotic.

Canary2321d ago

Not entirely. Its certainly one of the more versatile of the narrative arts--using the strengths of both literature and graphic art while not being subject to their weaknesses.

It also has a major advantage over live action television and film because it's not constrained by the limitations of budget or effects technology.

It may not have been the most tactful of statements, but the sentiment behind it is perfectly valid.