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High School DxD New Review [SnapThirty]

Luke Halliday writes:

"When an anime begins with its protagonist waking up to boobs in the face, you know what you’re getting yourself into. With High School DxD, boobs to the face is essentially the name of the game and with its second season High School DxD New, the adventures of the would-be Harem King Issei Hyodou reach new levels of fan-service with just about every scene resulting in at least one full blown breast shot. So if that’s your kinda thing, you’re in for a raucous good time with this flat-out fun series, but if a bit of the ole ‘NSFW’ style of anime is not your cup of tea, this is probably the last thing you’d want to be watching."

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Agent_hitman2319d ago

Oh wow! that thumbnail tho..

ChrisW2319d ago

Wow... The dubbing is actually decent.

And in my opinion phenomenally better than the horribly cliche Japanese voice actors. I've grown tired of the heros and main characters sounding almost exactly the same in [almost] every single Anime. If it weren't for the credits stating it's not the same voice actor for every Anime, I'd give up on them totally.

hanaghansarah2311d ago

never seen this one, i'll have to catch up