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6 Anime Similar to D. Gray-man (Supernatural Animes Recommendations)

D. Gray-man is a great anime to watch if you like an amazing storyline with unique characters. D. Gray-man is considered to be one of Japan’s most popular anime/manga series of its time with its popularity matched in North America as well.

The series contains lots of action scenes with a great use of supernatural powers and exorcism against several monsters and demons. If you enjoyed this anime and would like to watch more like it, maybe this list will help your decision in finding your next favorite series.


◆1. Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night
◆2. Claymore
◆3. ...

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Kagune2876d ago

Lenalee Lee chan is cute! I could watch her more...

honeys-anime2875d ago

I like her black and twin-tail hair♥