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Tokyo Ghoul √A Review | Transcend Gaming

Tokyo Ghoul √A has some good bits, but is a disappointing second half to a strong first season… Kind of like when you’re eating the lower half of a human arm… wait did I say that?

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TXIDarkAvenger2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

This anime just screams to read the manga.

It was at least enjoyable up until the disappointing final episode. No Kaneki vs Arima either which is easily the most anticipated battle. 5 minutes of walking Kaneki, 5 minutes of Touka running (who has been running for like 3-4 episodes straight btw), 5 minutes of blood dripping, 5 minutes of flashbacks. I understand it was an "anime original" so its not going to be the same as the manga but this was just awful on its own.

Orpheo2309d ago

Agree that the first season was better than the second. Season one blew my mind (though I'm admittedly still an anime newb) while season two was kind of boring.

Only really cared for episodes 1, 2, 10, 11, and 12 from season two. I know all the other episodes had to be there to build plot, foreshadow events to come, and further develop characters, but it was a snooze-fest doing so.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2309d ago

ugh they just need to reboot this series with madhouse in a few years. And properly adapt and pace it. Despite supposedly being "anime original" most of the scenes and plot follow the manga. The big difference is Kaneki joins Aogiri and cutting some characters and the ending of course.

I enjoyed it for what it was but it could have been WAAY better.