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6 Anime Like Bleach [Top Katana Animes Recommendations]

Bleach is a very unique and inspiring anime series that is loved by all. Many anime fans like this series because of its elaborate use and details of the shinigami world and the spirits that occupy it. Bleach also has the perfect balance of action, drama, sword fighting and supernatural powers.

There are many characters with specific powers to fight of enemies in Bleach, as well as having great use of the environment by creating a well thought-out theme that the series takes place in. In this article, there will be six anime recommendations that are similar to Bleach but may not be exactly like it, for Bleach is somewhat one of a kind. Instead, the listed anime will be based on similar plot, theme, genre, and/or characters in a world of spirits, superpowers, and sword fighting!


◆1. Busou Renkin [English Name: Arms Alchemy]
◆2. Blood +
◆3. ...

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