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Romance Anime Spring 2015 – Rom-Com Recommendations!

The smell of flowers lingers in the air and the first days of spring are already approaching. And you know what that means? The Spring 2015 anime season is getting near! With the brighter and warmer days comes a unique line-up of new Romance anime that will make you forget the cold days of the past winter.

We will be looking at three different Romance anime that are all part of the Spring 2015 season. This list couldn’t be more diverse: we have three completely different love stories, set in a high school, in the near future and in a fantasy universe. Lean back and enjoy this little preview at the newest Romance anime. Butterflies in your stomach guaranteed!


♥1. Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!)
♥2. Plastic Memories
♥3. Kyoukai no Rinne!

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