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Spring 2015 Anime Recommendations: Top 10 Writer’s Pick

Hello Everyone,

Us Editor’s at Honey’s Anime love everything there is about anime. From the wild adventures presented before us in some spectacular representations, to the realistic interpretations of everyday situations in life and the universe. Anime is life, and anime is good!

We at Honey’s Anime have a single mentality of knowing what we like. For the most part, we like the same series, genres, and themes that are in anime itself, but what we don’t like is the fact we don’t have the power to see the future (Wouldn’t that be nice). What we can do is predict when a series is going to make it big amongst the anime community.

Therefore, we want to let everyone know which anime series, in Spring 2015, we think are going to be the next big thing. We have compiled a list of 10 series, all new, which are getting their debuts for the first time as an adaptation in anime. Some of the series that are making their first appearance in anime are from light novels, manga, and just good ole original creations.

So, let’s get down to business!

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