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6 Anime Like High School DxD [Recommendations]

High School DxD is a very unique anime that has a great balance of comedy, demons, and romance. It also has a school theme to it with an Ecchi, Shounen, and Harem style presentation.

When I first saw High School DxD, I was overly surprised with these characteristics, and just couldn’t take my eyes away from the series. And it wasn’t just the fan service, the action sequences and storyline had a strong influence on the character development that made it an iconic anime series enjoyed by everyone.

If you like High School DxD, check out the list below of similar anime that will surely have you wanting more!


♥1. Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)
♥2. Sekirei (Wagtail)
♥3. ...

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