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OreGairu Season 2 Episode 2 – Protective Self-Loathing

An editorial by Guy, where he looks at the last episode as a marker of how the characters within the show, all of them, cling to the status quo, as they are too afraid of losing what they already have.

Another angle explored is how and why Hachiman hurts himself, and why those around him rebuke him for it. Everyone's hurtin'.

Finally, a link is provided to more "notes", which are less organized but touch on everything within the episode.

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Thunder_God2309d ago

And so, this show keeps poking at the myth of the "strong, and lonely person." It's not just Hikki that hurts, or others that hurt because he hurts, or because he hurt them. Everyone wants the same things, and lying to yourself, as Hikki does, only takes you so far.

Also, hurting yourself "because you deserve it," won't get you far, alas.