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6 Anime like Soul Eater [Recommendations]

Good old Soul Eater. I actually started this show while in the middle of season three of bleach. Someone told me that it was a great condensed version of bleach that was supposed to bring closure and a swift, good ending. Boy, did it ever! This show has 51 episodes which I feel was just about right. It wasn’t too long and drawn out (*coughInuyashacough*) but it wasn’t too short either. (Hey, I DID enjoy Inuyasha though)

My favorite character has to be Black Star. He was great; even if he was there for comedic relief most of the time. Death the Kid was also funny with his OCD and the need for things to be symmetric. The music for this show is great too! My favorite part however, is the fact that the weapon partners, Soul eater, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty, can actually turn into weapons. Yet, they have their own different and unique personalities. I think this is a great spin on weapon toting heroes and heroines. Because countless anime out there will pretend like the main weapon has a...

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Kagune2846d ago

I like Soul Eater Artwork. those of Bleach or Blue Exorcist you listed are also good.