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Manga Recommendations: Ogawa Chise & The Colours of Masochism.

The yaoi genre comes with a bucket full of clichés and tropes, going from ridiculous hand proportions to walking talking uke and seme stereotypes that just don´t cut the chase and are just as annoying as your average shonen 101 tournament manga.

Yet another manga about some homophobic pretty boy getting the hots for the nerdy gay guy? another manga about student councils? more touchy-feely manga where the uke is an insufferable crying tsundere and the seme is just as much of an insufferable brat? Yeah, no thanks.

And here´s where my (not) Sunday recommendation comes in, because in the realm of stereotypical yaoi, there´s a certain castle reigned by Ogawa Chise; the woman who is basically the queen of her own genre, her dirty, bdsm-y edgy genre comparable to Mirai Nikki and Elfen Lied junk food; enter Ouji no Hakonikawa and Caste Heaven, two similar series with completely different result.

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