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6 Anime Like Claymore [Recommendations]

Claymore was a pretty intense and interesting anime because of its dark history and all the mysteries around the Organization. If the story could seem simple at first, with the classic battles against monsters, the truth beyond the main characters and their fate would be really catchy. Especially because of the psychological and dramatic aspects. Moreover, the character design was pretty cool and really appropriate to the atmosphere of the series, particularly to the bloody battle scenes.

If you loved this anime because of all the tragic and mysterious aspects, then I’m sure you will also like the list of anime below ! Of course, it won’t be exactly the same, but you will certainly find the same atmosphere as Claymore !


♠1.Attack on Titan
♠2.Tokyo Ghoul
♠3. ...

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Fonzy2285d ago

i can live with this list! Crazy, I've seen all of them. Lol

honeys-anime2285d ago

Do you know the previous Manga drawn by Norihiro Yagi, the author of Claymore?

That is "Angel Densetsu". It is marvelous that "Angel Densetsu" is comedy manga. lol
I think Norihiro Yagi know himself well, strong point and week point. The character he drew has little facial expressions.

Theme of Both Claymore & Angel Densetsu protagonists is quite different, but the author took advantage of characters' little expression in both works.