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Triage X ep. 3 Review: Midnight Guerrilla [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: Things are heating up on this latest episode of Triage X as the team keeps dealing extreme surgery on the city while having to deal with a new Pyro player acting out the same style of justice, but with more flare. The Lesions are starting to spread and the team is in for a long evening now that there is a new virus plaguing the streets.

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paradigmfellow2287d ago

This anime objectifies women.

SavageKuma2287d ago

Visually yes, but what anime doesn't. Besides these women go work and punish many adversaries. So I give it props.

paradigmfellow2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Morbito (probably the best one that has almost no sexist or gender stereotypes), Fruit basket, Pyscho-pass (except for small instances), Steins;Gate (except for Myuri and certain scenes), Robotic;Notes (similar with Steins;Gate, certain scenes are the exception).

Just because they are strong doesn't mean they are still not respected. They still give unrealistic standards of beauty, and gives the message that they have to be of a certain body type in order to be a strong woman.

SavageKuma2286d ago

Okay I understand what you are stating, but it is a fantasy world. You do not have to watch it and move on to other animes that fit your criteria. I like all types from Sword Art Online that doesn't objectifies women to Ikkitousen which would really piss you off since the clothes come off like tissue paper when they fight. Point is Anime has its points. The idea is to know fantasy from reality, and I didn't think that the women were being objectified, I just saw females kicking ass, because I already have the notion that the boobs were ridiculous and I made fun of that in my first review, but I can look passed that and enjoy the story. Sex Sales and this sexy action.

paradigmfellow2286d ago

Anime is an art form that reflects the creators' vision, points of view, culture, acceptance, and so much more. It is a medium in which culture is spread and reinforced. Just because you can distinguish between the obscenity and story, doesn't mean others do. Furthermore, not acknowledging its effects still desensitizes you at a subconscious level.

I am not saying not to watch it. What I am saying is that these issues need to be brought to attention. Humans are creatures of habit and we have to constantly break our mental habits in order to prevent the effects it has on others.

Just because sex sells doesn't make it right. Culture, standards, and ethics are always changing.

SavageKuma2286d ago

Well the attention is there, but some people have the intellect to see it like it is and not bring it out to the streets. In the end I enjoyed the anime and that's pretty much the end of it.