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“Two Giants of Manga” – Masashi Kishimoto X Eiichiro Oda (Full Interview)

We’ve all been anticipating it. The interview that we’ve known about for weeks is finally here. The Two Giants of Manga, Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda sat down and had a conversation with each other about various aspects of One Piece and Naruto.

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TXIDarkAvenger2348d ago

lol I can't imagine Sanji being called Naruto. Great interview, two of my favourite manga artists.

CLOUD19832347d ago

The interview I want to see most is with Togashi Yoshihiro & Miura Kentaro the mangaka behind Hunter X Hunter & Berserk, two of my most favorite manga & ask them why they both abandon them & stop releasing new chapters!!! T__T

Trunkz Jr2347d ago

Togashi is lazy, tho he has an excuse lately because he had back surgery, tho now he will probably just milk that as an excuse to slowly release 10 chapters every 2 years who knows, tho his healing should almost be done so we might see something in 1-2 months.