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English Love Live! School Idol Festival Removes Homosexual References

The English version of the Love Live! School Idol Festival app, based on the popular idol anime series, has been removing homosexual references from the original Japanese version, in favor of an heterosexual experience for the player.

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Archaic1336d ago

Talk about not knowing your customer base. I'd be interested to know if this is a decision that's happened in Japan, or with their American branch.

Stringerbell1336d ago

Same here. Also as the article states: 'not every reference of homosexuality in the game has been erased. '

So why bother erasing any? Kind of strange...

plmkoh1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

"The censored dialogue makes no sense, as the series’ high school setting is an all-girls school."

Except the character mentioned doesn't attend such a school.

Further more she is a member of the disciplinary club and it's not uncommon in Japan to find school rules detailing that romantic relationships as forbidden.


Tonykid1336d ago

~looks at references~

are they really homosexual in nature or are you, the reader, making them so.

koga881336d ago

I've spent way too much time playing this game than I'd care to admit and there are still tons of references that aren't touched. Though as far as being considered yuri, even the references mentioned in the article are incredibly simplistic.

Considering the rather poor translation quality of the game I wouldn't be surprised if some of these were lost in translation by the team rather than censored.