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Ninja Slayer From Animation Episode 6 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Laomoto, evil leader of the Soukai syndicate, knows well that there's only one way to test his henchmen's mettle—lions. Threadbare, vaguely photorealistic lions, which slide along the screen motionlessly, letting the viewer know that Ninja Slayer From Animation has once more pivoted back towards the weird comedy of previous episodes, after a whole episode that failed to use this gag even once. Was that last episode a feint, or a fluke? Time's gonna tell on that one. In the meantime, Laomoto dispatches his top man, Hugeshuriken (you can tell who he is by the huge shuriken on his back) against the syndicate's two biggest enemies: the Dragon Dojo, and Ninja Slayer!

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