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The Anime Pulse #14 – The Japanimerican Way!

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of The Anime Pulse. Last week, I kind of did a potpourri column of different things that were on my mind and with the growing difficulty to find just one thing to talk about to fill an entire column, I decided that going forward, I’m going to adapt the same format for every column.

A little bit of boring history, but I began writing columns in 2009 when I became part of the WrestleView staff. As a pro-wrestling fan, I had a lot of topics to talk about so I broke them down into little sub-sections. It was a format that worked because once you talk about some of the main topics in Anime, as with Pro-Wrestling, sooner or later you find yourself running out of material.. or in my case, material that I’m actually interested in talking about.

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