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Spring 2015 Anime Overview – Weeks 8-9 (Anime Power Ranking)

Guy only has a handful of shows he's still watching as the season finishes its third quarter, so he goes over his thoughts on each of those shows' last two episodes. A longer write-up for every single one of those series, from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works on one end of the spectrum to OreGairu 2 on the other.

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Thunder_God2378d ago

OreGairu keeps knocking it out of the park.

Yamada-kun, Ore Monogatari!! and Kekkai Sensen all have good content and bad content, which result in uneven episodes.

Fate/Stay Night, yeah... it's just bad since this cour started. Unfortunate :-/

But still, most things are enjoyable, or more enjoyable than not, so it could be worse, and yes, I should catch up on Sidonia and watch Euphonium.