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Food Wars! (Shokugeki No Soma) Volume One and Two - Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

I WOULD say that cooking programs are my "guilty pleasure", but I honestly don't feel much guilt after catching an episode of Jamie's fifteen Minute Meals. The way I see it; humans eat a minimum of three times a day. You've got breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, though if you ask Childish Gambino...they're just for beginners. Us humans eat SO much, we might as well eat good! That's why, although my skills are closer to "none" than "great", I still insist on being the cook in my household at least once a week, though I've never wanted to be an actual chef. Something I understand about the life of a proper chef, from knowing a number of former chefs, is that it is an incredibly difficult one. I was once told that a chef never quite leaves the kitchen, even long after their hard day is over. A lot resort to drinking to wind down, and most don't last too long in the industry without cracking and hanging up their apron for good. I suppose what Anthony Bourdain says is true; the kitchen IS like the military. Still, even after knowing this...I love cooking, and it is cooking shows that allow me to see the lighter side of an incredibly brutal profession. When I first heard about Food Wars! I was ecstatic! "A Manga about cooking that ISN'T Toriko?!", I thought to myself. That was all it took for me get hooked on this Manga and thanks to Madman Entertainment I've been given the first two copies to review, so without further delay let's hop into the kitchen and get cooking!

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