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Does Goku Need To Go?

Masoud House writes:

"In preparation for Dragon Ball Super, I've just recently spent two weeks reading the entire Dragon Ball manga series from beginning to end. I've spent a lifetime as a fan of the anime and video games, reliving time and again the sagas and movies for over a dozen years. And I see one reoccurring problem that holds back the entire franchise, especially now as it returns to us with the hopes of recapturing the audience that has loved it for so long. And that problem is Goku."

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Stringerbell2137d ago

I kind of agree- but he's been with the series so long he basically is the series. Fans would revolt if they removed him.

SavageKuma2137d ago

If they were brave enough they could move on from him and do a new story on a successor or his grand kids, but since they are rebooting they will have to build up to that again.

sonicwrecks2136d ago

Phase him out with a greater emphasis on building up other characters and making him a special event character maybe?

blackblades2135d ago

They tried to boot him out when he died doing cell saga, he'll even namek. Now it's to late for that with God powers and stuff. I did wanted a spin off with other characters like yamcha and tien going out in space finding fight there own levels. Tired of seeing earth explore go on an adventure or something not GT style. Hell an ova sounds nice to like garlic Jr with goku not around.

KryptoniteTail2135d ago

"Remove" him? No, they just need to introduce new characters, re-introduce old ones to make them relevant, and balance the cast out. Removing him is just retarded, unless he dies for story purposes, not just to get rid of him or something.

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