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[Spoilers] Saekano: How to Train a Boring Girlfriend: A Commentary and Love Letter

"What’s also somewhat indicative of this show’s relationship with the LN trend (besides being adapted from a series of LNs) are the myriad tropes that people, familiar with LN narratives as well as narratives in VNs, anime, manga, Japanese video games, or basically anything seen as moe (what I call the “greater anime culture”), are likely to nod/groan to as something they’ve seen before/are sick of. Whether one is entertained or annoyed by these tropes in any given show will depend on the person watching, what he/she is entertained by, and what they want out of shows in general.

Saekano’s head stands out from the thicket as a show that’s absolutely, energetically, unabashedly shameless in its presentation of otaku tropes. The show doesn’t necessarily stand independent of these tropes however. It’s feet are firmly hidden within the trope thicket, with almost all of the recurring series characters unambiguously characterized according to a combination of tropes. The show’s premise are three unambiguously attractive and talented young women vying for the affections of one male otaku protagonist. It all seems like blatant otaku wish-fulfillment. To a degree, it is, based on the set-up. This pristine setting of otakudom, however, is blotted by a couple of things that makes the show just as much a commentary on otaku as it is a love letter to them..."

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This is an analytical take on Saekano. Feel free to comment, and please enjoy.