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6 Anime Like Overlord [Recommendations]

One thing a lot of anime fans have in common is they like to dabble in a few different nerd-eries. This so often includes some kind of gaming, which is why any anime that involves some kind of gaming premise usually does so well! Often times it’s channeling our inner desires as hardcore fans through being in an actual video game world, either where it’s brought to life or through a virtual reality device.

Overlord is a prime example of that and quite possibly one of the best virtual reality game-based anime out there yet! Enter with Momonga in the most intense get up we’ve seen in a main character like his. He’s spent a lot of time in this hit virtual reality game with a hugely powerful guild but the game is getting shut down for good.

He stays, alone, until the very last second—but wait! He doesn’t log out!? He stays and suddenly the logout button isn’t there anymore and the NPCs can suddenly talk a lot and show emotion! (Coincidently, he was just playing around with his closest beautiful woman attendant’s configuration and made her be in love with him)

After watching Overlord it’s only natural to want more. Below are some of the top video game themed anime that can quench your thirst!

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