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Summer 2015 Anime Season: So Who Is Best Girl?

You know your blog has gone to shit when you have to cater to horny monster girl fanboys to get views, but hey, I´ll deal with it. All other world sports championships and whitewashed award ceremonies pale in comparison to the most important battle of them all – just exactly what girl is best girl in this wet and moist Summer season? it´s not an easy decision, in fact I felt dirtier than I initially planned to feel after looking at approximately 20 different NSFW pictures of the Prison School cast whipping men and shoving three and a half burgers down their throats while sweating down to their thighs. I´m not sure if this was worth sacrificing my studying time and future for, but hey, now I can name at least 5 more sub genres of the hentai spectrum. Cheers.

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