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Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 7 I HairyPopcorn


After Beerus got angry last week when Buu wouldn't share any of his pudding, the Z fighters try to defeat Beerus while Whis enjoys eating sushi!

This week's episode was very slow and boring for me, it focused on the Z fighters trying to defeat Beerus but it was just so repetitive and felt dragged out, most of the episode was a fighter going and challenging Beerus and then Beerus would easily defeat them, and then the exact same thing again and again.

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KryptoniteTail2118d ago

2.5? So low, is this a joke?

OJSoFunky2118d ago

Did you watch the episode? it was terrible!

KryptoniteTail2117d ago

They aren't living up to DBZ's 5/5 so maybe that's why you're scoring them so low but 2.5? Compared to what? It's still more entertaining than most anime out there, so this score is ridiculous.

OJSoFunky2116d ago

I'm not comparing it to anything, i'm reviewing it on an enjoyment level, some of my previous reviews for it have been positive, but this episode let me down.