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Top 10 Sexiest Female Uniforms in Anime

10. Himiko from Btooom!
9. Kashiwazaki, Sena from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
8. Yuzuriha, Inori from Guilty Crown

... and the rest are?!

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kingdip902765d ago

Sexuality does not equal sexism.... sexism would mean these uniforms somehow limit the opportunities of women in relationship to men.

Are they over sexualized? Sure!

Is that a bad thing? You are gunnar have to produce some mighty strong evedence to support why it is before you make that assertion.

paradigmfellow2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

sexualizing women causes them to be viewed more like objects and sets-up unrealistic standards of beauty.

kingdip902764d ago

That's the theory, it's a theory that has very little basis in evidence.

Many media portray both genders with unrealistic standards of beauty but every time I go out I see real people with real flaws still forming real relationships and having real babies treating each other with respect as human beings.

If the theory were true only the beautiful people would get laid, relationships would only be about the physical and not the emotional for BOTH genders and that world simply does not exist.

Sexuality and fantasy are a good thing. Labeling it as sexist or otherwise negatively comes from a very puritanical mindset and is very inhibiting as opposed to progressive.

Frankly the whole point of view is gross, old fashioned and based on patriarchal religious social conformity that limits the options and expressions of men and womem.

Pardon me for not being sexist and calling sexism out where I do see it, such as in this article here.

paradigmfellow2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

@Kingdip90, anectodal evidence is not enough to refute empirical evidence. There are various empirical studies that have linked the effects objectifications and sexualizing has on females' and males' physical and mental health.

There are also studies that show people will conform to partners with similar looks, that is why you still see "normal" people still having relationships and producing offsprings. However, that doesn't mean they are not going through hell during their formative years. Furthermore, some people may never rationalize their experiences, which could cause problems in relationships and child rearing.

Sexuality and fantasy are a good thing, if body shaming did not exist, or if it promoted a healthy norm of living. It only works when both partners are able to see past each others "flaws".

You are not being sexist if you call out something that is blatantly sexist.

kingdip902764d ago

I agree that body shaming is a problem but that body shaming isn't present in these portrayals of women and therefore it's not this medium that is the problem.

The uniforms here show nothing insofar as beauty is concerned that is unobtainable or unrealistic for the average person so obtain (outside of kill LA kill given that sentient clothes don't exist).

The massive breasts on some of the characters with a small waste could be seen as unobtainable but the characters themselves are not on trail here the uniforms are.

And telling girls what clothes are acceptible to wear by condemning outfits on TV could very easily be portrayed as an attempt to shame girls into not dressing that way by calling it out as crass and over sexualized.

Limiting how a cosplayer/girl wants to dress by condemning the clothes shown on tv? That's absolutely sexist. Women should be empowered to dress exactly as they please, guilt and ridicule free.

Bimkoblerutso2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I don't really care whether it is or is not spontaneously causing men to view women as objects (I would put my money on "is not," but I'll leave that conclusion up to the scientists).

It usually just makes ZERO goddamn sense in the context of these shows most of the time. Which is fine for things like porn or ecchi (that's specifically what you come for...pun intended hur hur), but when you're asking me to take a world and characters seriously, but then you dress all the women up like they should be working a street corner somewhere without any actual reason, it really takes me out of the experience.

Just my take. I'm still a normal, red-blooded man who likes looking at boobies, but I feel like this debate automatically strays into "sexist" territory before anyone considers any other reason female characters should not necessarily be dressed like pornstars in all our anime's.

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Crossbone2759d ago

Calm down. He said Sexiest, not Sexist.

theshredded2764d ago

knew Kill la Kill would take top spot

Stringerbell2764d ago

Honeys Anime is going to run out of top 10's pretty soon...