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BOME Asuka Figure Gets US$7,000 Price Tag

The limited edition Asuka figure by BOME that debuted at this summer's Wonder Festival is now on sale for a whopping 864,000 yen (US$7,165).

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Stringerbell1904d ago

Should be gold plated if they are charging this much...

sonicwrecks1904d ago

I agree. Utterly ridiculous price.

SilverClock1902d ago

If he can sell it for that much, more power to him. Good to see artists making some money for a change, and not just working their asses off for nothing.

ChrisW1902d ago

I'd pay $70 for it... Maybe $170 if I felt it was worth it.

nyobzoo1902d ago

Lol, a 21" figure for $7k? If it was life size sure but this is huge ripoff.