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More Dubbed ‘Naruto’ Anime Episodes Begin Streaming

Neon Alley continues to roll out more and more dubbed content for Naruto fans and they’re closing in on finishing off the original series soon and having it all online in both languages. The latest addition brings us thirteen more episodes with 180 through 192 now available on te service that’s powered by Hulu. The episodes saw release on DVD back in 2010 and haven’t been available alongside the rest of the show for streaming before in this form.

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Stringerbell2742d ago

You can never get too much Naruto =p

scark922741d ago

What about Shippuden? How far is the series, I stopped in wait for it to go further.

Harkins17212741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

At the end. Its on 430? I believe. And theres like 3 fights left. But maybe like 25 episodes?

scark922741d ago

You are saying the dubbed version is nearly finished! I am on ep 200!?? :D

Harkins17212741d ago

No dub is at 310. Subbed is at 430.