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What Is Cosplay? [Definition, Meaning]

They can be seen at every anime or comic convention around the world, those strange people who put countless hours and loads of money into becoming their favorite character. Whether it be for fun or for competition, cosplay has quickly become mainstream and has even spawned its own community with its own celebrities. Cosplayers travel from all over the world to conventions to be able to show off their elaborate outfits.

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Fonzy2267d ago

I truly agree with this! Cosplay can be a hobby or an art for some to the point they will criticize those who didn't put effort in there cosplay. But, IMO, I think it should ultimately be about having fun.

Tonykid2266d ago

The problem I have is that there is no more play in cosplay. Just people modeling in front of conventions or photographers asking for money in kickstarters so they can go to other conventions (they are not bad just annoying). Some of these people are good at what they do but to me when I go to a convention, and I do go many conventions, they are just modeling in front of conventions not really walking around the convention hanging out with other people.

Fonzy2266d ago

That is true, I agree! I would like to add that since anime and video games are becoming part of life now, to the point that you can become famous or at least well known, has those individuals posing outside and not mingling. Probably because they just want the fame and know nothing about the character or anime they are representing.
What did happen to the "play" in "cosplay"?