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11 Best Underrated Anime on Netflix Right Now

Nerd Much looks at the Netflix catalog and picks out the 11 most underrated anime in the streaming service's library right now.

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koga882305d ago

I have a feeling someone needs to look up how most of these series ended up being received since a large majority of the series on this list here are far from "underrated" as many of them are highly regarded.

spartan112g2304d ago

Right! How is he putting the likes of Mushi-Shi on an underrated anime list?

DragoonsScaleLegends2304d ago

This list is horrible until I realized they were talking about only on Netflix. But if we are talking about outside of Netflix too this list is mostly trash. I would even say some of these are highly overrated rather than underrated. Being a bad anime doesn't make it underrated.

I can only comment on the ones I've watched/read but The Devil is a Part Timer is average or below and Nana is already overrated. Of course they might not be bad for you, The Devil is a Part Timer focuses on its harem rather than making a good story even though the world it set up was interesting. Nana focuses on a slut with a author who trys to act like what the main character does is not slutty of course it's not a happy ending either lol even though some will tell you it is.

Noragami is iffy but I've only read the manga but it was a really good manga in the beginning but I lost interest in the later chapters but who knows maybe it's gotten better while I haven't been reading it. Again Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet was interesting at first but it felt very generic by the time I got to around episode 4 or 5. I've never heard of Kotoura-san or My Little Monster. At first I didn't remember K Project but after watching the trailer it seemed very similar to a manga that I read in the past(or I already watched the anime I don't remember) and it was really good so that one is underrated. Mushi-shi I tried to get into but I'm not that into episodic stories but I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Deadman Wonderland I've heard the manga is way better but I watched the anime only and I would say it was average and you are left hanging at the end. Silver Spoon I just can't get into the farm setting and regardless it doesn't even come close to Full Metal Alchemist which I do recommend everyone watching the first series and then Brotherhood which is basically a better version but you will appreciate it more after you watched the original series.

ASSASSYN2303d ago

Not a major anime fan. All I watch on Netflix is sword art online.

Mikefizzled2303d ago

Psycho-Pass underrated? wut?

Stringerbell2302d ago

Maybe in regards to what the average Netflix user would be interested in. But for the anime aficionado definitely not.