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Funimation's 'Prison School' dig incenses Gamergate and anime translation purists

Through its popular online streaming service, Funimation has been livecasting a selected number of anime series from Japan—meaning that the episodes are viewable in the U.S. the same day as their overseas counterparts. One of these is Prison School, an anime based on a notorious and award winning manga about a draconian all-girl school. While fans have had a hard time categorizing Prison School, it's generally considered an over-the-top, trashy sexploitation series rife with BDSM and fanservice.

"Prison School is basically a boob show in which guys get beaten within an inch of their lives," writes Rebecca Silverman on Anime New[s] Network.

So when this line showed up in last night's livecast translation, it was a bit jarring to many viewers.

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Nonscpo2213d ago

More drama just what the doctor ordered. I probably should be more pissed at this, but I stopped caring about dubs some time back. Besides it's Funimation!